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It’s an amazing destination for an amazing holiday. From unexplored passes to tranquil lakes, from tribal culture to exquisite beauty, Arunachal pradesh is a state popularly known as Land of the Dawn Lit-Mountains. It has a great explore point of flora and fauna and tribal culture you would never heard about. It is a state which has a beautiful picturesque mountain and nature is a blessing here. 

Here we have got you the points to list down for the trip to this north-east state:

Hotels in Arunachal pradesh 

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When you are travelling this state, then you can actually come across the best hotels or an inn where you can stay during your trip. One really needs to understand that if you are solo travelers or don’t prefer hotels then you can also get a chance to live with the kind people. But still you should prefer hotels and inn which gives you the best services too.  

Guide for you

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When you’re travelling Arunachal pradesh, then you should get a guide who will help you to explore the unexplored corners of the state and would also help you to interact with the tribals and local people living there. So, book your guide.

Food of Arunachal Pradesh 

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The staple meal of Arunachal pradesh is rice, meat, fish, vegetable. They really don’t use lots of spices but they prefer natural herbs, bamboo shoots and organic productions. The best rice beer is popularly known in the state. One can find the chinese platters in this land. Hence people, you should try some of its dishes.

Tourist spots

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Known as the “Orchids of India ”, this state is full of mountains and sceneries which states that nature is a blessing to this state. From Itanagar to Ziro, it’s a beauty that one can never miss. So dear people, plan to visit AP and explore the beauty of nature.

Here the travellers, Arunachal pradesh is really one of the least explored state of india but is filled with beauty and tribal culture which one should explore to their heart’s fullest. Visit the unexplored corner of this state and enjoy!!   

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