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Land where Buddha lived, where 10th Sikh Guru gurudwara resides, known as land of monatries and a land where Gandhiji began his freedom struggle. Bihar is well-known for their glorious heritage with context to history. Known for its famous Chhath Puja which is performed all around the world with pomp. Traveling this enormous state is a great experience.

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If you want to explore the rural life and tribal life in bihar then it will be really hard to find the hotels. As you can live in Dharamshalas, but hardly you will find hotels in rural areas. If you visit the urban areas and cities of this state then you can get the best hotels with great prices along with amazing services . So people just book your hotel and enjoy.

Food of Bihar

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Famous Litti Chokha is served in Bihar. They are also popularly known for their fish items and sweet dishes such as Peda, Pirikiya(Gujjiya), Thekua and many more. As all the food items are made in ghee or mustard oil. So people you should try these famous items whenever you visit this great state.

Guide for bihar

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To know more about this land of monasteries, one really needs to get a guide. If you want to talk to people in rural areas then the guide can only make your trip an ease. As interacting with rural area can only made possible for you when you really know the local language, for that you need the guide. If you want to explore Bihar, then get your guide too.

Great Spots to tour

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The great Bodh Gaya, famous Nalanda, the smart city Muzzafarpur and developing city Patna which are the best spots to visit and explore. As the mentioned spots are famous but there are other places too which one cannot ignore. Bihar has places blessed with the great historical background. Guys, if you visit Bihar then, visit every corner.

Bihar is one of the great states of India. It has great historical background and tales that defines the glory of this state. So people, if you get a chance to explore this state, then surely visit it.

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