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Fashion 2020 with Muscle Torque

2020 is just a few weeks away and you all might be thinking of new resolutions to make including your lifestyle and fashion choices. Many of you might have planned your 2020 as a Fitness year. As planning for New Year regime is surely an amazing idea, and and this time to support your resolution, Muscle Torque has also taken a pledge to keep your priorities at the top and come up with new

This time your favourite Muscle Torque is coming up in a new way to make your new year fitness regime as a best resolution ever. This New Year, we are going to be more comfortable and more innovative to your active wears.

We always prefer on focusing, what our customers yearn for let it be design, colour or comfort. But in 2020, along with New Year we have also enhanced the muscle torque with more fine techniques. We never compromise on the fashion sense, be it in any occasion we want to look perfect. So, this new year we will add more flavours to your fashion wardrobe.

More Colours and Bonedry series

Muscle torque has been your first choice because of its classic colours but this New Year, we will bring the active wears in more exotic colours. We know how the colours keep you boost up during your workout. There exists a correlation between colours and the way they influence your workout or physical activities. So, we are going to get you more colours, so that you wont run out of options. 

That is something you will find at first phase, but we are not confined with colour options. We are also making your activewears attached with new techniques that won’t constrict your movement, gives good stretchability with comfort at the best price.

Muscle Torque 2020 is something that you might haven’t imagined about. With comfort, classic colours and amazing fabric, Muscle Torque is coming up with more variations in its bonedry series. It will make your workout session less sweaty and discomfort free      

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