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Jammu and Kashmir : A travel guide | Travel Packages

Known as “Paradise of India” which has the scenic splendour, snow-capped mountains and beautiful monuments which are must visit places. Amarnath and Vaishno devi that attract pilgrims every year. Jammu & Kashmir has the beautiful rivers, forests and sports that one can’t resist watching playing. It is the one of the most beautiful states of India that attracts lakhs of tourists every year.

So here are tips for you to make your trip an ease:

Hotels of J&K

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Jammu and Kashmir has one of the best hotels that too within your budget. You can also get those hotels that have beautiful views from windows. The hotels of J&K will provide the best services that one can ever experience. The hotels have rooms where you can relax and live like a king.

Guide for the trip

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You should have a guide when you are visiting this place. It has corners that have a different story and facts. Through the guide, you can also get the chance to explore the corners which makes the state a living paradise. So book your guide and explore the place.

Food of Jammu And Kashmir 

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Kashmiri Pulao, Kashmiri Gravy, Momos different ways to prepare chicken, mutton and other lavish dishes which are counted as flavours in J&K. They also have a slight taste of Tibet cuisine in their food. Generally their courses and meals are non-vegetarian which includes mutton. There are also a few meals which are not cooked in onion or garlic. Tea is an influential culture of the state

Tourist Spots of Jammu and Kashmir

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From mesmerizing capital Srinagar to altitude above sea level Gulmarg, from Amarnath to Vaishno devi, the state is filled with the spots which seems like heaven. J&K has places that would make you fall in love with the state. So, tourists explore the beautiful corner of Incredible India.

So the travellers, you should never miss the chance to visit this place. This State is a heaven in its own beauty and you can even spend hours in a Boat house that is a place that everyone wishes to travel. Explore it.

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