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Jharkhand is a state where one-on-one rendezvous with unperturbed and untouched mountains, waterfalls, dense forest resides. Blessed with the name “Land of Forest” which is home of varieties of flora and fauna. It owns the glorious history, old culture and divine tribal areas that makes the state one of the loved tourist places.

Here we have got you the tips to make your trip an ease:


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Jharkhand being the culture rich state which has its own diversity . This state too has the hotels and dharamshalas where you can stay. They also have the hotels where one can stay easily. In dharamshalas, you might get the chance to interact with other visitors too. So people choose wisely and explore the state.

Guide for Jharkhand

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If you are new to Jharkhand then you might need a guide. As guide will tell you the best spots that a visitor shouldn’t miss and hidden places that have their own story. To explore every corner of this divine place you might need a guide. So people, book your guide and roam.

Food of Jharkhand

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Jharkhand has the cuisines which are simple but healthier. These cuisines include dal, rice, roti, cooked vegetables but it differs in color and natural ingredients. This state serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian item with has the grandeur influenced by Mughals. The food is something that you should try as they too have a different taste.

Tourist Attractions

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From Majestic capital Ranchi to steel city Bokaro, from Deoghar to Shikarji the state is blessed with pure bliss and mesmerizing destinations. There are so many blissful spots that one should visit them if you plan your trip to Jharkhand. Travelling this state can be a memorable trip for you.

Hard to believe but Jharkhand not only has the steel producing industry but it’s also a home of wildlife and tribal. This state is blessed with great natural spots that would give you beautiful view of every corner.

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