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Karnataka : A travel Guide | travel Packages

From Belgaum to Bangalore, it is made holy with rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. Not only this, Karnataka is with scrumptious food and serene beaches. It has the world’s oldest temple Hampi along with nature’s bounty and wildlife sanctuaries. Hence, it is the state that is full of adventure, oldest temples, rich culture and unforgettable story of king.

Here we have got the tips to make your journey an ease :

Hotels of Karnataka

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Exploring the state full of adventure, world’s oldest temples and serene beaches which is itself an another world. Karnataka has the best hotels that will make you experience that how they treat guest. So people , just book the hotel room for your trip and explore the state and relax in the home you booked.

Your guide

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Karnataka being a world that has the unheard tales of kings and queens, world’s oldest temples and many more. So to know the hidden secrets behind these existing beauty, you need to have a guide who will tell you the stories behind them and also give you chance to interact with people living there. Explore every corner with your guide.

Food of Karnataka

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Flavors of Karnataka changes from city to city. Every dish is prepared in ground fresh coconut oil. However, specialties of Karnataka are fish fry, chicken curry, Mysore masala Dosa, Rava Kesari. These items are the best things that you can ever taste. Therefore, taste every dish you want, when you visit Karnataka.

Tourist spots

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From Hampi to Mysore, from Bangalore to Udupi, Karntaka is blessed with wonder of beauty in every corner. It has the Bahubali Statue and the great wildlife sanctuaries which has the picturesque surroundings. It is land familiar as wonderland in itself. So, explore people

Therefore, guys you should visit the Karnataka which is an existing world in itself and is filled with the beauty. It is the home for many Malayali’s, Tamilians, Muslims , Christians and other communities. In other words, it is the world worth to explore.

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