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Kerala : A Travel Guide | Travel Packages

“Travelling Kerala is worth of any cost or sacrifice”

The boat race festival, pongal and the best coconut product, Kerala is the place where beauty, god and taste resides. It’s a wonderland which has beauty, travel spots, ayurveda and great fish eateries. Where Idli, Dosa and Sambhar originates but you can taste it everywhere around the nation. But not same like Kerala

So people we have got you the travel guide to make your trip an ease:

Hotels of Kerala

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Kerala isn’t a small place, but its a place where you can get easily tired, as its has so much to know and roam. It consists of wonders that would never let you sleep. So, to relax from your tiring trip you generally look for lavish hotels along with offers too. Travelers you can get the best hotels at great prices and therefore you can book your staying spot from makemytrip, goibibo, yatra or trivago.

Get your Guide

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One needs guide, if you are new to this existing world. If you are residing in India for a long time, then you might not need the guide. But honestly to know the place in the best way and to get to interact with people you need a guide that would ease your trip. Travelers just get your guide and explore.

Food of Kerala

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Those crispy salted Banana Chips, fried fish in fine spices, plate as banana leaf and the famous idli sambhar which are delight of kerala. Food of kerala i.e. worth of any cost. However their food is inclined to their culture and different stories and lessons behind them. One can experience the best food here.

the local transport

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Kerala has the best transport to visit the area next to river. They have the boats to travel across the river. There are local autos, taxi’s, rickshaw’s or cabs to make your commute an easiest thing during your trip. These local transport are always at your service to make your trip an amazing one. So travel across from local transport and great trip.

People out there, to make your trip an easy one, you have these tips and tricks which will make your travel an easy and memorable trip you ever get to experience. As Kerala is the place where travelling is love, food is experience and beauty is adorable. So explore Kerala .

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