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Kolkata : A travel guide | Travel Packages

India’s biggest city which is blooming with the most vibrant metropolis located in India’s eastern coast. Famously known as “the city of joy” which is full of chaotic, hectic, brimming life and creativity. Kolkata has nightlife, innumerable bars, pubs and the delicious street food which is famous all around the country. However, now kolkata name is changed Calcutta. 

Here are the tips for you to make your trip an ease for Calcutta :

Hotels for Kolkata

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Kolkata is a diverse city where you might get tired by travelling a lot. To relax or space to live in you can book a room in hotels which gives amazing services. You can find a hotel in Calcutta according to your needs at reasonable rates. So people, book a room during your trip. However, West Bengal has one of the best hotels.


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Kolkata is popular for its culture of eating. This city has various delicacies which are famous all around the country. The famous food of the city is phuchka, Rasogulla, maach bhaat, sandesh and jhallmurah which are “Must- Try” items of the west bengal. So, visit and must try them.  

Guide for kolkata

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Being the Capital of west bengal and former capital of Britishers this city holds the unheard facts and stories. Kolkata is famous for its culture, festivals, literature and food. So, to know the origins and existence you need to have a guide who will tell you about Calcutta.

Tourist spots

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The Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Science City, Birla Mandir and other great historical places which are beautiful in their own way. However ,this is a city that one should explore not to visit. In other words, the great tourism spots of Kolkata are something you can’t miss even in your dreams.

The city of joy is really filled with great spots. Hence, if you are planning to travel to Kolkata then don’t miss the food, culture, literature books and great spots. Therefore, travel and explore Calcutta!!     

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