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“You should look spectacular with specs – says lenskart”

With the coming of Lenskart, many of the people has got the chance to have those glasses or specs that would add on to their personality. As it is full of variety of specs that one always need but it has enormous offers too tagged on them. 

Here we have got the offers for your favorite glasses:

1st frame free

frame free | | lenskart

Ever you have received your most likeable thing at free? No? So here on lenskart get your first frame for free. It might sound you crazy but its 100% truth. Getting a free frame which might never popped up in your head, so get this offers on one and only lenskart.

Lenskart 2 glasses 

2 glasses   | | lenskart

Buying one glass or specs for your eyes might be an option, as it might not adjust in your budget. But when we tell you that you can get 2 eyeglasses in Rs.999 that too under your budget. Surprising? But when lenskart is giving offers then don’t mind buying 2 eyeglasses.  

Lenskart free gift 

lenskart free gift | |

Contact lens are actually in trend, and getting those colored lens for your eyes might be your choice. Grab this chance to get the contact lens for your eyes that too on great discounts on the color lens you wanted. Along with those contact lens get the free lens solution with the purchase of any contact lens. Get your lens people.

VC branded sunglasses 

vc glasses | |

Vincent Chase is a brand that you might desire for its sunglasses. People who always have the habit of carrying sunglasses wherever they go just because they prefer them most of the time and weather doesn’t matters them. So get the chance to grab onto VC sunglasses at Rs.899 that to on Lenskart which is giving amazing offers on it. 

After knowing these offers, the glasses or contact lens lovers, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get your favorite lens from lenskart. With the offers and amazing style, lenskart has given the chance for all of you to get the frame or glass you desired. So grab those lens that suits your style.      

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