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Meghalaya : A travel guide | Travel Packages

Popularly known as Abode of Clouds which receives the maximum rainfall in the world. Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful state of the north-east. Blessed with the amazing food, culture, sights, activities, dresses, ornaments and many more. In other words, this state is all about the nature’s beauty combined with clouds which brings the mesmerizing view. So, plan your trip for this state.

Here are the tips for you to make your trip worth a while :

Hotels in Meghalaya

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Meghalaya is a state with beauty along with the hotels located on those places which will give you the enormous sights from your room. They have such an amazing hotels that will give you the best services. So people, if you are planning to visit this beautiful state, then firstly book the hotel from where you will get the best view too.

Guide For you

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State is familiar with beauty, festival and dresses that signifies the facts or stories that one might not know. There is an history that follows behind the existence of this state. If you are visiting a new state, you should get a guide for yourself who will tell you the unheard and secrets of the places. Hence, explore people.

Flavors of Meghalaya

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Meghalaya cuisines are liberal along with the tint of the tribal cultures. Their staple food is Rice, meat and fish. There delicacies are rice ferment beer which is made on occasions. There famous cuisines include Jhur Sideh, Daineiiong, Kappa and many more. Therefore, these delicacies are must try.

tourist Paradise

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Meghalaya is full of tourist paradise. From elephant falls to Mawsmai caves along with Dawki and Cherrapunji , these beauty spots that you might ever seen. This state is actually filled with wonderful scenery and never miss spots. So people, if you get a chance to visit the state. Then explore every corner.

Meghalaya has history rich of craftsmanship, wood carving and artistic weaving that would give you the glimpse of their culture. Therefore, people it’s a place worth visiting. In other words, it’s every visitors paradise.

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