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Uttar Pradesh | A travel guide |

State from where culture and colors origin, a state where temples and masjid hold on to special places. Uttar Pradesh which has one of the wonders of the world, also the oldest temple along with the beautiful sangam. 

It is a place worth enjoying the beauty of the scenery, rivers and places where faith resides.

Here we got the tips for you to wander Uttar Pradesh :

Book a hotel 

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U.P isnt a small state, it has different districts, areas, monuments, temples and rivers , visiting all these places would an enormous travel which would be unforgettable but tiring too. As your trip might be restless but your resting spot should be wondrous. So people book your hotel for this trip and make it a place where you belong.

Your guide for Uttar pradesh

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U.P is the place which is blessed with the wonders and beauty. To know more about this beauty you really need a guide. If you are an indian Citizen then guide might not be necessary but if you are a foreigner then you really need a guide who will tell the stories and culture behind those wonders. 

Food and clothes wonders

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Uttar pradesh is well known for its non-vegetarian varieties and its has most of the local eateries and restaurants that serves the best non-veg food and delicious vegetarian food too. Here comes the tailored clothes for both men and women which is stitch and designed by hands. Hard to believe but the designs are imprinted and handcrafted. 

Uttar pradesh god owns

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The magic in Varanasi, holy dip in the rivers and the amazing ganga prayer is something which makes uttar pradesh a mighty state of India. From the Taj Mahal to Banaras ,this place holds on to the biggest adventure and stories of gods-goddesses and Kings-queens. If you really plan to go here, then go on to every street that UP owns.

This might be a second largest state of India, but it consists of beginning and ending many tales. It has delicious food roasted in different spices, clothes which have designs crafted by hand, people with great knowledge and a place where people reside peacefully. 

People grab onto your luggage and roam this state.          

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