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Vadodara : A travel guide | Travel packages

The city is popular as the cultural capital of Gujarat, which has great monuments and palaces. Vadodara is a cosmopolitan city of Gujarat. Therefore it has an exemplary display of architecture. It is a prominent place where navratri is celebrated like nowhere. This place is popularly known as Baroda.

Here are the tips to make your trip an ease :

Hotels for Vadodara

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Being one of the prominent places, it also has great hotels available at reasonable rates. These hotels give great services along with a lavish stay. The person who wishes to travel Vadodara can actually pre-book great hotels. So people, just book a hotel to live.


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This city has its own different tale and facts that one should always know. Hence, one should get a guide who would tell you the best stories regarding this place. You can also get the local guide from there. It is best to pre-book a guide for yourself. 

Food of Vadodara 

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The large variety of gujarati thalis are being served in Vadodara. As the restaurants serve a variety of vegetarian cuisine and the flavors that Gujarat owns. The cuisines are something that one should must try. Hence people, must try them when you travel Baroda. 

Tourist spots 

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From Laxmi Vilas palace to Ajwa nimeta garden, from Vadodara museum to Sur sagar lake is wonderland that one can’t resist exploring. Baroda is a place where architecture and monuments have different histories. It’s located in Gujarat, this city is famous for navratri celebration. Hence, visit every corner this city owns.

Vadodara is the best city where culture and architecture exist. It is an amazing tourist spot that one can ever experience. Therefore, city has the best spots and it’s blessing with great architecture. This is the city that is full of divine structure and has unheard tales. Hence, explore people

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